Spring 2016 Meeting 26 May, 5 PM at JAKs Brewery in Falcon

Meeting was held at JAKs Brewery in Falcon.
The meeting began with introductions to include how each person uses the park
Dana Nordstrom discussed parks friends groups in general.  She suggested we may want to form a non-profit 501c3 org sometime in the future when we have money.  She also mentioned that the county had two tool trailers available for our use.  The county collects $1.50 per person per year to fund parks.
Adam Baker discussed the status of ongoing projects at the park: $25K needed for erosion control (funded by Capitol Improvement Projects), windmill being fixed ($5K which is half of the operating budget for all county parks).  The group requested the horse mounting steps be moved away from the hitching rail 15-20 feet for better access.  Adam agreed to do this.  Dennis mentioned flooding on the new horse loop trail,  Adam responded that this is being addressed.  Adam also mentioned enforcement of the “out of control” dog ordinance at all county parks,
The horse poker run will take place sometime after the county fair.
Jean Foran requested heated toilet seats when we get filthy rich 🙂
The group may want to consider a conservation easement in the future to prevent park sellout.  This is a long term project that will require funding.
The group agreed on a noxious weed control as its initial project on Th, 23 Jun from 5-8 PM.  
Other potential projects are listed under volunteer opportunities on the county parks website http://adm.elpasoco.com/CommunityServices/ParkOperations/Pages/default.aspx
Rich Mock mentioned ongoing discussions with the county on a potential off leash dog area.  Details are on the HR Friends website https://friendsofhomesteadranch.wordpress.com/ Please provide your inputs to him for further discussions with county parks.
The group decided to meet quarterly.  Next meeting will be in August at a quieter location (Falcon Library, Firehouse, Rec Center or my fav, Antlers Grill at the golf course).